Arenít We

          The necessity of ending is not the necessity of beginning
                                          Gertrude Stein (Identity A Poem)

Arenít we the more for it, for it not hanging up,
for it the more and moored in bask and glow
the two of us the house the morning fine
as silk, the silk a day unfurling from our hands,
the two of us, some slippery, some pepper.
Arenít we aware of it, in love with it
as we are love and every asking is an answer
and every morning a new chance;
and donít we find every day that passes
leaves us with a bit more and yet a less of it at once.

Karen Neuberg's work has appeared in Barrow Street, Blue Fifth Review, canwehaveourballback, Columbia Poetry Review, Diner, Elixir, Phoebe, Shampoo, and The Diagram. She holds an MFA from The New School. (kneuberg@hotmail.com)

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