The Scryer's Art

Like certain fruit
– apple – for instance – pear –
mirrors spoil from the inside
      One moment: glowing
      like a gemstone dipped in honey –
      the next:   chill as moonlight
      reflected on black ice.
      Gazed into by candlelight,
      or over a lover’s unlucky shoulder –
      chanced upon in a room
      illumined by three lamps –
      Filling the air with a scent
      of bruised peaches and winter lemons –
      those mornings you awakened
      longing for imperatives
      sweet as a lover’s demands.
Or like persimmons that ripen,
then darken – suddenly –
above the glazed blue flame of the bowl.

Do Gentry lives in Sacramento, California. Her poems have been published in Sulphur River Literary Review, Ekphrasis, Fourteen Hills, Rhino, Spoon River Poetry Review, and elsewhere. Her chapbook, The Night­mare Parable, was the winner of the 2004 Permafrost competition. She has just completed a series of poems based on the life of 18th century salonniére Julie de Lespinasse.(Bichette3@aol.com)

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761