Boxcar Poetry Review - Issue 41

Boxcar is back! After a long hiatus, we've returned to life and are back in the business of publishing great poems, interviews, and responses to first books of poetry. Perhaps it is only fitting then that so many of the poems in this issue revolve around regret, loss, and survival.

In these poems, we are stormtossed, caught between winds, pulled in different directions. The winds howl. We lurch like ships, caught off guard. We listen to the history of the sea in every shell. We come face to face with nature, raw and impossibly beautiful and terrifying. Death and our attempted escapes. The truth about ourselves and what we desire.

We are also pleased to accompany these poems with the work of Fabio Sassi whose photography captures the unexpected beauty of decay and change. We're proud to showcase all these amazing writers and artists. Be sure to let us know which poems resonate with you and which ones catch you offguard.

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Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761