inspired by Alberto Giacometti’s
“The Palace at 4 a.m.”

It’s four a.m. and she wanders
in another room, while my
spine hangs in its lonely closet.
She hears a nightbird and looks
up, while I dream of a swooping
pterodactyl, eager to seize
another piece of flesh. I am
the red thing dripping down
a wall. She ponders three acts:
staying, leaving, and staying
but allowing the heart to fly
free of this matchstick palace.
The tower’s always been open.
I watch the ceiling of glass
cloud darker, crowd closer.
This is the stage of my life.
There is no dénouement.

Scott Wiggerman is the author of two books of poetry, Vegetables and Other Relationships and Presence, forthcoming from Pecan Grove Press. A frequent workshop instructor, he is also an editor for Dos Gatos Press, publisher of the annual Texas Poetry Calendar, now in its fourteenth year. His website is (

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