Boxcar Poetry Review - Issue 34

In this first issue of 2014, poems filled with rising and falling. Bones and birds. Everywhere, movement and mortality. Brevity, space, and coming home.

   Rounding out the issue: four new reviews, an interview, and stunning photography from Arthur Westover. Deidre Price explores water, bodies, and geographies in Tamiko Beyer's We Come Elemental. Diego BŠez reviews John Chavez's debut volume City of Slow Dissolve, examining the City and the Self through critical and personal takes on "subjectification." Paula Mendoza encounters broad spectrum of fears and loves filtered through the highly imaginative prosody of Jessica Piazza's Interrobang. And for Erin Lynch, compression, restraint, and logical arguments complicate and dissect the interpersonal and the self in the city in Natalie Shapero's No Object. Finally, in an interview conducted by Peter LaBerge, Will Schutt discusses the origins of Westerly, life after the book, and the fellowship of writers.

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761